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Thank you for visiting! Integrated Management Systems (IMS) is a consultancy specialising in Business Management Systems and services to businesses, especially Small to Medium sized. Many organisations have already benefitted from our tailored approach to business management. IMS can provide your business with a Quality, Safety, Environmental or Integrated Management system ready for external certification to ISO 9001 AS 4801, ISO 14001 or other. We also provide management consulting, internal audit and system maintenance, HR and IT products and services. VF

Most importantly, with IMS you get a system that is very easy to use, saves a considerable amount of time and ensures all your customer and compliance needs are met with confidence. Your customers will definitely notice!

To further help your business obtain a modern management system, there are Federal Government schemes which can fund up to half the value of the project, such as Enterprise Connect and Tailored Advisory Service Schemes.

System Features:
  • FREE pre-assessment for qualified companies,
  • System fully developed to be simple to use, making external certification easy,
  • Fully visible on-site work, nothing "mailed in",
  • Full training given on how to run the system,
  • Inexpensive, less than the cost of competitors,
  • Low impact, does not intrude on operations,
  • Fully customized; see my comparison with "Off the Shelf" hardcopy management systems,
  • ALL IMS clients have successfully gained and maintained their certification - see my Testimonials.
  Program includes:
  • Experienced guidance with best approach to suit your business, e.g. simple form based or database,
  • Includes Gap Analysis against ISO 9001/14001/AS 4801 and all relevant legal requirements,
  • System process flows, responsibilities, risk assessments, required documents, objectives and targets,
  • Assistance with/access to all required procedures, forms and registers,
  • Internal audit for required procedures and implementation of corrections with training,
  • Management review and corrections implemented with training,
  • Quotations firm to succesful certification,
  • Ongoing maintenance, audit and management review service available (post certification optional extra).

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